Buying Mobile Accessories in Pakistan

In order to better understand, one can interpret mobile accessories as a supporting accessory to enhance your experience when someone is using their mobile phone for work, entertainment, or some other purpose. Although there are numerous types of mobile accessories, but some are more important and more commonly used than others. Here are a few that you may want to know more about. 

  • Protective Cases 

Many smartphones nowadays feature metal or glass builds and henceforth keeping them safe and free from damage can be difficult and tricky. A good case or cover however goes a long way and there are transparent cases so you don’t have to hide the beautiful design of your expensive smartphone. There is so much variety of smartphone protective cases, from the ultra-slim to the extremely rugged there’s a cover for everybody. There are hybrid cases, thin cases, rugged cases, wallet cases, cases for gaming enthusiasts, and the list goes on. 

  • Screen Protectors 

As the name of this mobile accessory states, a screen protector is intended to keep your smartphone’s display safe from damage. Using a screen protector for your phone is a good idea because replacing a display can be quite expensive. Especially TPU screen protectors are very popular because they are flexible and work well with curved display edges. 

  • Phone Holders 

With useful apps like maps and built-in GPS navigation, your smartphone is more than enough to get you headed in the right direction when you are on the road. However, holding a phone in your hand while driving a car or riding a bike can get you in trouble, so you can use a phone holder because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do i.e. hold your phone. 

  • Selfie Stick 

The main benefit of owning a selfie stick is that you don’t have to ask a stranger to hold your phone and take a photo of you. On top of that, you can also capture better, wider angles of yourself, and you can shoot more stable video and even post it on YouTube or TikTok. 

  • Power Bank 

Power banks are quite popular these days and they come in all shapes, sizes, and capacities. Before buying a power bank, think about what needs to be charged and how much battery capacity you will need. To provide a complete charge to your cellular device, the power bank’s capacity should be slightly more than that of the device to be charged because it is always a great idea to have a bit extra to ensure that the device gets a full charge. 

  • Earbuds/AirPods 

Wireless Earbuds are one of the most popular mobile accessories that you can pop into each ear and listen to music or take calls untethered from everything. They are easy to carry anywhere with you, get charged quickly, and come with useful features such as noise canceling. 

Hall Road 

Hall Road in the city of Lahore is one of the largest markets in the subcontinent featuring electronics, Computers, Electronic Components, CCTV Wire & Cables, Mobiles & accessories, DVDs, and related products. It is a commercial road near the historic Mall Road in the cultural hub of Pakistan i.e. Lahore. Like Mall Road, Hall Road is the main hub for buying electronics surrounded by buildings built during the British rule, before Pakistan’s independence in 1947. The name of this famous and well-known road comes from the fact that the British had built 4 huge halls along the road, which were initially used for conducting meetings and hosting exhibitions and other events. 

In the present day, these halls have been converted into commercial buildings, due to which Hall Road has become the Hub of electronics in Lahore, including mobile accessories, TVs, cell phones, computers, etc. Hall road is full of retailers, and wholesalers, and is an extremely busy area due to cheap and readily available electronics that are either imported or locally manufactured. 

This commercial place has shops for almost all sorts of electronics items, for instance, you can even get resistors, silicon chips, DSLRs, and so much more. These days, most of the products available for sale on Hall road are imported from China. On the other hand, a number of products such as UPS, stabilizers, dish antennas, and some other types of electronic kits are designed and assembled locally. The products produced here are relatively more affordable, but vary in quality and can be of average or low quality. Notably, many sellers of these locally assembled or locally manufactured products have quite average customer support and practically speaking, most of the time there is no warranty of locally made products. However, the saving grace is that most of these sellers provide the option for repairing services on the cost to cost basis or at times it is even free. 

Tesla Mobile Phone 

Elon Musk tends to gravitate between brilliant and crazy, and his vision about the tesla mobile phone seems to be on the brilliant side. There is one rumor that Musk has been emphasizing on the creation of a Tesla phone with excellent features because this smartphone does make a lot of sense given the track record of Tesla. Technically speaking, smartphones are becoming keys on the new Tesla cars, and Apple would have a leg up with that integration and this might be the reason that is pushing Musk to consider doing his phone, and also as a hedge against Apple’s rumored electric car. 

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