How To Remove Limescale From Sterilizer

Depending on the hardness of your tap water, the cooking process will cause limescale (a hard, off-white, chalky deposit) to form in the evaporator tray of your sterilizer. These limescale deposits can slow down the sterilization cycle and even impair its effectiveness and since the sterilization process is really important to ensure the most hygienic standards for your baby, therefore it is crucial to remove limescale from your sterilizer. You should remove limescale regularly in order to ensure the proper functioning of your NUK bottle steriliser.

You can easily descale the NUK bottle steriliser by mixing 100 ml of hot water with 100 ml of household vinegar and pouring this mixture into the evaporator tray. Now leave this solution in the evaporator for approximately 30 minutes and then pour away. After this step, wipe this unit with a damp cloth to make sure there is no vinegar solution left in the evaporator tray. It is important to note that you should never connect the power supply cable to the mains when you descale and electricity is not even required during this process. You can also use citric acid to remove limescale from NUK bottle steriliser or sterilisers of other brands. For this purpose, you can combine a 10g packet of citric acid and 200 mL of water. Citric acid is available at pharmacies.

In addition to bottle sterilizers, Farlin and NUK brands also produce other useful products for babies such as Farlin bath tub, Farlin Spoon, NUK fresh foods, and NUK milk bags. Farlin Spoon has a Unique soft head design made with 100% silicone. It is an arc shape spoon that is very safe and soft for bab’s gum and teeth. The streamlined design of the Farlin spoon not only makes it suitable for a baby’s little mouth, but also makes it the perfect tool for baby’s grabbing and feeding. You can also buy the Farlin spoon and fork set for your little ones. Made with durable stainless steel, this spoon and fork set is heat-resistant and unbreakable under normal circumstances. While these are easy to hold for babies, the rounded edges make them more safe. 

Every new mom will face the challenge of getting their little one cleaned up in a safe way, but thanks to the Farlin bath tub that it can help new moms seamlessly handle this situation. This bathtub is simple, comfortable, and lightweight, and can provide your child with the required support and comfort during her bath time. The Farlin bath tub comes with a detachable net feature, which is really helpful, especially in the initial months of the baby. Since the baby cannot sit upright, therefore using this net during the initial months can provide your baby with the much needed back and head support. Just make sure to adjust the net before placing your cute little one on the net so she is in a perfectly safe and comfortable position. The Farlin bath tub has curved edges and anti skid design for better safety of your child while she takes bath. It has a 30L water capacity and comes with a soap case and a drain hole. Never leave your baby unattended while she is bathing in the Farlin tub. 

NUK Steam Steriliser can sterilize up to 6 boil-proof baby bottles and accessories in less than 10 minutes. The NUK Steam Steriliser has the capacity to remove up to 99.9 percent of germs and that too without using any chemicals at all. This sterilizing gadget comes with a removable basket and 6 poles for maximum convenience. This is a modern, elegant, and user-friendly tool that is ergonomically designed for best results. Features like operating light and automatic switch-off improve safety while you use the NUK Vario Express Steam Steriliser. Furthermore, NUK Classic Bottle is easy to handle, can be held firmly, can save storage space because of its design, and also fit into all conventional bottle warmers. Also, the NUK teats allow your cute little ones to drink milk in a relaxed and natural way, which is more like breastfeeding. These teats are quite well-accepted by babies, if you would like to regularly switch between bottle and breastfeeding. On top of that, NUK teats are great for the jaws, flexible, extra soft, and have an improved anti-colic system.

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