Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles

Both babies and their parents love Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles because they are shaped like a breast and babies prefer it that way. On top of that, these feeding bottles feature an anti-colic valve in the teat which reduces excessive airflow. This helps your baby ingest more milk and less air, which in turn prevents the symptoms of colic. There is a range of Tommee Tippee feeding bottles and other related products for babies. This child care brand has introduced anti-colic bottles, closer to nature bottles, first feed bottles, added cereal bottles, and more.

  • Anti-colic Bottles

As the name suggests, these feeding bottles are a great option to help your baby avoid gas and fussiness. The tube and valve system of anti-colic bottles cut back on the air in your baby’s milk and the venting tube will also change color if the milk is warmer than 98 degrees to protect your baby against scalding.

  • Closer to Nature Bottles

Designed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible, these feeding bottles are recommended for parents who want to continue breastfeeding, but also need to switch to bottle-feeding at times.

  • First Feed Bottles

Due to their special needs, preemies deserve specialized bottles because what works best for a full-term baby may not work for preemies. Tommee Tippee’s First Feed Bottles come with extra slow flow nipples that are specifically designed for preemies and newborns.

  • Added Cereal Bottles

With a capacity to hold 11 ounces, these bottles have a Y cut to allow thicker liquids to pass through. However, the Y cuts on nipples are big, which allow cereals to come out quicker than some babies will be able to handle.

Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Breastfeeding is a fabulous way to nourish and comfort your baby while you also cherish the closeness that breastfeeding provides. A number of breastfeeding mothers may have to deal with issues like going back to work, a sickness, or simply wanting some time out with friends. If you are the baby’s main food source and you need to be away from her for an extended amount of time, it is critical to make sure your little one can take a bottle. You can also take a look at some of our top picks for the best bottles for breastfed babies so it can be easy for your baby to transition between breast and bottle.

  • Playtex Baby Nurser with Drop-In Liners

The Playtex feeding bottles have 100% recyclable drop-in plastic liners that mimic the breast in the way that they contract during feeding, which makes them one of the best bottles for breastfed babies. Due to the liners being pre-sterilized, your little one gets a clean bottle at every feed. Also, the nipples have a raised texture and a natural, wide shape to encourage a seamless transition between breast and bottle.

  • Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle Gift Set

This Newborn Bottle Gift Set is loved by parents, babies, and lactation specialists alike. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles feature a unique venting system that eliminates air bubbles during feeding. This venting system not only aids in digestion but also reduces the chances of gas, spit-up, and even colic. On top of that, these Dr. Brown’s bottles have been proven to help better preserve milk nutrients.

  • Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

The nipple of the Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle is ergonomically designed to mimic a natural breast which helps the baby to transition between breast and bottle by using the same sucking motion. Other amazing features are that there is a venting system to reduce air intake and there is an inner vertical groove on the nipple that prevents collapse.

  • Comotomo Natural Feel Silicone Baby Bottles

Unlike a number of other feeding bottles, Comotomo Natural Feel Silicone Baby Bottles are made from soft, squishy silicone, meaning they feel much more like the breast. These bottles are specifically designed for infants who frequently switch between breast and bottle. These bottles feature an extra-wide base and nipple which makes switching easier for babies.

  • Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle

The importance of a good latch cannot be denied for both breast and bottle feeding, which makes Munchkin a breastfeeding-friendly bottle. It has a flexible nipple so your baby can control the flow of milk. Its nipple is specially designed to stretch just like the nipple of a breast so your baby stays latched on and also ingests less air when she feeds.

  • Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles

Tommee Tippee offers a range of feeding bottles including the Closer to Nature bottles. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are designed for parents who want to continue breastfeeding but also need to switch to bottle-feeding at times. In short, these bottles are designed to be as close to breastfeeding as bottle feeding can be. Moreover, they have an easy-vent valve, which means your baby will swallow milk without much air, but positioning the nipple on the bottle correctly takes some work. Another great feature is that the silicone nipple is designed to feel like skin. Also, these Tommee Tippee feeding bottles are affordable. 

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